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I've been communicating with my Spirit Guides since I was about 14. The information first came slowly, in the middle of the night. At the time I was very fortunate to have a family friend who had been communicating with her Guides for about 45 years and she soon became my mentor. I began to type the information that Spirit would pass on to me and would then take my writings to her. We spent many hours in deep discussion over the years as she would explain what my Spirit Guides were talking about. It was quite an education! Thank you Anita Halbert, what a great friend and blessing you have been in my life. This is how my journey began with what is called Automatic Writing, which is writing without conscious thought.

Over the years I developed the ability to control when I would channel or communicate with my Guides, always writing or typing the messages or lessons they were kind enough to pass on to me.

I realized I could speak with those who had passed, when at the age of 19 a very close friend of my sister's died. It was quite a shock since I had known him for so many years and he had been like a brother to me. About 3 days after his passing I began to hear him very clearly, speaking to me, urging me to pass on messages to my sister.

Fast forward 40 years and here I am! I live in Las Cruces, NM and have been doing readings full time for many years. I love my work and the opportunity to help, heal and assist through Spirit Guides and those who've passed.

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