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How do I really access my Spirit Guides or get to know them? - channeled by my Spirit Guides

How do i really access my spirit guides.

"This is a great question and one we deal with often. So we will answer YOUR question with one of our own. If you had a new neighbor move in next door or perhaps a new co-worker how would you begin a relationship? By speaking to them right?! That is what we ask of you. To speak, to acknowledge and to interact with us.

"How is this done you ask? First of all, you have already noticed us. You have an idea that we are with you, right? Well, now lets take things a bit further. Are you reading the signs we are giving you in your life? To figure out the answer to this you have to take a look at your life and see if you are getting the same 'things' over and over. When we say 'things' we mean; the same bad love relationships, the same awful jobs, the same level of lack in your life, the same old junk that you do not want.

"If you are receiving these same things over and over and over again, then you are not paying attention and you are not tuned in to your life and where it is going. Along this road of life it pays to read the road signs. Have you ever thought 'I should not be here ... should not be doing this, I should have told that guy no ...' so on and so on. THOSE my dear friends are road signs, red flags, omens - call them anything you like. Are you really listening or is your earthly EGO getting in the way?

"You were put on that earth to live, love and learn, NOT to suffer, endure and hang on by your finger tips. If that describes your life, we invite you to invite US, your spirit guides into your life. Talk to us, ask us for help, ask us for this guidance you so badly seek. Yes, we will appear if you would like our input. Your life does not have to be a chaotic mess for us to appear. Like a new friend or neighbor, you must speak to us, acknowledge us for we are here for you.

"When we talk of free will this is something every one of you has. So why not use it, exercise it and open your life to us. You can do all of this very simply. Light a white candle, speak to us out loud or in your mind during a meditation. This does not take hours - only moments. We work with the Divine we are not the Divine. We are helpers who gladly come along with compassion for you and your struggles on that earth plane, for it is not always easy.

"We always look forward to a relationship with you and yours and seek to guide you in this life for that was our agreement with you before you entered that life you are now living. We look forward to hearing your voices!"