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More Challenges At This Time? - written by Lorna Adams

More challenges at this time.

Doing psychic readings for people is a fascinating experience that never gets old for me. All of us, including myself have so many challenges throughout this lifetime. Many times I speak with people who are burdened by guilt, ongoing grief and sadness. The good news is that is we have free will and we can change and manifest circumstances in our lives. We always have a choice - no matter what. We may not care for the choices that we have ... BUT we do have choices.

Following is a question for my Spirit Guides, followed by their response:

Below is a question submitted by a newsletter subscriber who asked me to channel a response and include it in the newsletter - I thought that was a great idea so I am doing just that. In fact, we will be adding a page on the website where anyone can submit a question and my Spirit Guides will choose which to publish in the newsletter so keep an eye out for that as well. Okay then, here's the question and the response my Spirit Guides provided.

Question: "Seems that at this time on this plane we are facing more challenges than in the past - and they seem to come at us quicker than ever before. Financial, emotional, mental, physical - all aspects of human life. Overcome one and on to the next is becoming the norm with hardly any time to catch a breath in between! Please explain what is going on and what we can do about it. Thank you, YM"

Here is what my Spirit Guides have to say on the subject:

"Yes we very much agree with you. The way we see it, it is as if a ball machine - the kind that dispenses tennis balls or baseballs for you to hit - are coming at you at lightning speed! And to some extent you are correct and the time in which to, lets say "correct" your swing or regain ones footing, is getting less and less - the time between each ball (or issues in your lives) being dispensed is getting shorter and shorter. Before, you might have said 'well I had a good 60 seconds in which to correct my stance' and so forth, BUT NOW FORGET IT - the issues, tribulations, and losses are coming fast and furious."

[Lorna: I know personally in my readings over the past 5 months that I have seen this over and over again, not to mention in my own life. So we ask you spirit guides that are present; what's up with all of this?]

"Well, as you have heard there is a quickening and this is what they are speaking of - this will all culminate towards the end of the year and don't look too fast for it is approaching. There will be a massive shift in time, consciousness and what is real or what really matters to all of you. Other things, and we emphasize things that once meant so much, will become worthless in many ways. We do not mean to sound like a bad riddle but it really is in many ways a wait and see type of situation. We are NOT playing games here for this is rather serious business.

"So our suggestion to you is to work on your recovery time. I know this can be hard for the human spirit, once injured, does take time to heal and as you have asked, 'why does it seem that we do not have time between big life events in which to heal?' - this sort of 'get over it and get on with it' will serve you down the line. As far as time goes - you can see for yourself how things have changed. Take a look at this recent article Lorna wrote about technology and remembering life without it. Think about how it was only back in 1993 that more and more of you had computers - THAT is like a blink of the eye. Look at an old TV show - it looks like another time, place and planet for that matter too!

"I am asking you to have a quick overview, if you will, of the last 50 years or even 20 and see all the changes ... too many to keep up with. We can only say - the balls (the events in your lives) will continue to come at you at a high rate of speed. For those of you who wonder why, remember: part of growth is getting NEW lessons all the time. If you wonder why you are getting new lessons that sometimes feel more like a punch in the stomach (!) that is because you are ready for a tougher assignment. IF you keep getting the same lesson over and over - like they used to say 'a broken record' when referring to a record player (that is music on vinyl) your needle is stuck. Keep getting the same people in your life but with different faces and names BUT the same personality? Then you have not learned the lesson you need to in which to move on.

So this woman's husband went on to give her exact details of where a ring was that she had lost years ago. He had given her the ring as a gift and she loved it. Sure enough she called me a few days later and the ring was EXACTLY where her deceased husband had said!!

"Good luck and keep on your toes for more is yet to come. Is it good or bad? Or is it just what it is? That depends on YOUR perception of what is coming your way.

"With love - The Guides"