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Are things falling apart or coming together? - written by Lorna Adams

Are things falling apart?

Doing a lot of psychic readings allows me a unique perspective - an overall view that is very unique. I say this because recently there have been both small and large changes taking place. I have been hearing, for lack of a better way to say it, the same thing from many clients. Many people are experiencing loss in their lives, big changes. The question I ask is, "are things falling apart or coming together?" You can't fill up something that is already full, it must first be emptied out (loss,change etc.). So I ask my guides what of these changes? Why are so many people seeing and feeling things of a metaphysical nature when they have not in the past?

Here is what my Spirit Guides have to say on the subject:

"Well, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, things are changes - as are the vibrations at which things and people resonate at. Time is speeding up and as we enter further into this year, you - all of you, will take notice that what was is no longer - and this goes for so many things in your lives. This includes jobs, relationships the ability to BE OPEN to your own inner spirit and hear your OWN guidance system speaking to you.

"You are NOT making this up ... these thoughts you hear, the nudges you get to follow one direction or another - that voice is US my friends and we hope you take a chance and listen for we only have what is best for you in mind.

"Many of you will try to hang on to the old - old anything. Items, homes, friends that no longer act like friends, relationships in general. This year of 2012 is a great and wonderful time to do house cleaning and an overall cleansing. Some of you treat your cars better than you do yourselves! You too need an overhaul every now again. We say this with humor but mean it very seriously. Change is what earth and that life is all about. Let go - make room, welcome the new with open arms. Set your fears aside. Do not put them in your backpack and take them with you to that 'new home' in your mind. Too much baggage will just weigh you down and slow your progress.

"We know these things are not easy to accomplish, but the effort is worth it. The new changes are welcomed and you are the ones who are the beneficiaries of these new and wonderful gifts. Like new places, new moves, new friends, new loves. Its all out there - clean your house (body, mind and spirit) and make room.

"With love, "
The Guides"