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I've been communicating with my Spirit Guides since the age of 14.....and you may be surprised to know, that you too have been hearing your own Guides.

If you're not familiar with Spirit Guides, I like to describe them as that small quite voice we all hear at times. Perhaps you feel drawn to take a different route to work one day, only to find out later that you missed a traffic backup due to an accident. Thanks to that one decsion, you not only avoided a long line line of traffic, but perhaps an accident too. This is a great example of our Spirit Guides looking out for us, that is their purpose.

We've all had that feeling of dread or an over whelming feeling of negativity. Sometimes it's in response to a person, a place or a situation. It's a feeling that says, "Get out now"! That voice, depending on the nature of the situation, is most likely your Spirit Guides trying to help you. If it's a life threatening situation, that voice you hear could be that of an Angel or a group of Angels.

Years ago while living in Houston, I was walking my two dogs when all of a sudden two very large, very angry pit bulls jumped through the window of the home they were in and came running full speed at myself and my dogs. They were in full attack mode. Before I knew it, I was on the ground in a tangle of leashes, my two dogs and the two pit bulls who were trying eat my dogs. In a flash I noticed one of the attacking dogs was inches from my face when I heard a voice say very loudly, and very firmly - 'GET UP NOW"!!!!

I jumped up from the ground while screaming for help and trying to fend off the 2 attackers. In hindsight, I see how hearing that voice and listening to it, probably saved me from very serious injury to my face and who knows what else. That is the sort of life saving work that Angels do.

All that being said, you may want to listen to that small quite inner voice next time you hear a suggestion....... You have nothing to lose!

Animal Communication

I have had the ability to communcate with my Spirt Guides and those who have passed since I was a teenager. Somewhere along the way I realized how easy and simple it was and is to speak with animals. No matter their shape or size!

One of my first such encounters was with our family cat as she told me she was getting ready to leave her body. Of course I was very sad but let her know that it was ok. I also told her how much I appreciated her letting me know she was leaving, which gave me a chance to tell her how much I loved her and to say good-bye.

I realized the depth of my ability to communicate with animals after a long career in the horse industry. Although most of my work is with people, it brings me great pleasure to speak with animals of all kinds. Animals have such a wonderful simplicity to them that is always surprisng and refreshing. Animals really do say what they think and are very willing to offer reasons as to certain behaviors. Many of those behaviors can cause us humans unwanted stress and worry.

SInce most animal lovers like myself have had many pets over the years, it is very common for those pets that have passed to make themselves known during a session with a pet you have now.

When it comes to communicating with animals and people, energy is energy and that is what we are. Even when an animal or a person leaves the physical body, their soul is still very much alive, so for me, its just as easy to speak with an animal that is alive as one that has passed on. That is assuming the animal has not reincarnated.

A psychic reading with your pet can give you insight to the animal's past, habits or reasons as to why they do what they do. Many times during a reading I can explain to the pet why it's not a good idea to keep repeating negative behaviors like jumping the fence or chasing the cat.

More often than not, once the animal understands why we would like them to stop a certain habit they are more than happy to do so.

If you are wondering if a psyhic reading with you're pet can be of assistance, feel free to call or send me an e-mail. Since every situation and every animal is unique, I'll be happy to let you know if I can help.