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Staying in the flow - written by Lorna Adams

Staying in the flow

I began thinking of the word channeling, which you can say has a kind of "new age" or spiritual feel to it. The word also puts a lot of people off since the word itself is a bit "too out there" for many people.

This reminded me of seeing the author of the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyer on the Oprah Winfrey show a while back. She was talking about HOW she came up with the story line of her characters. As you may know, now there is a series of these books and films as well as the Twilight series continues to be massively popular. Meyer was telling Oprah how the main characters first came to her in a dream one night. By day she is a busy mom of two small children and added that she would write this 'story' when she could find time, but she did write everyday. When she speaks of the first Twilight book she even talks about not knowing where the story was going or what was going to happen - she was just taking it all down, as she herself had no idea or plan for the book - it just came through. That is channeling, that is automatic writing.

Most, if not all, mainstream artists, writers and even painters do not call this kind of inspiration or creativity channeling. I think it would be too strange and probably not understood or accepted by the general public if they gave this process such a title as channeling.

How many times have you heard a famous musician say, "Well, I woke up from a dead sleep and had to write the words down." Those words later turned into a huge hit song. When asked about the song or the story behind the lyrics, many writers admit the words just came to me. Many times those words put to music turn out to be a very, very famous song or lyric. This too is a type of channeling, but most people don't give it that title or acknowledge it. When I wrote my first book, They Are With Us: Advice From Spirit On Changing Your Life, I was hesitant to call it a channeled book for fear of losing potential readers. But, I decided to be true to myself, my spirit guides and what I do - so I called it what it is. Did I write it? Yes, of course; but the words, the subjects and topics are from spirit - I simply follow their lead.

There is a woman I know who has been stuck in the same small town for over two years now just barely hanging on financially. She is a painter, an artist and a very good one at that. But she does not get the proper exposure where she lives. She has even been told that her work would sell like mad if she were in a larger city there by exposing her work to a much, much larger population. But still she cries, complains and whines about her situation with a kind of why me attitude. Now that is a perfect example of fighting the flow. Does she stay in this miserable situation because it serves her? Does she like it? To hear her speak she is miserable - so what gives? Do you think that this kind of misery is how her creator wants her to spend her life? I seriously doubt it.

So the next time that quiet, little voice speaks to you - listen. You never know where it will take you!