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How it Works

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During a reading I psychically connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels and/or loved ones who have passed. I don't use tarot cards or any other tools, not that there's anything wrong with them, I simply have never found the need for them. All I need to connect with someone's energy is their first name. I am able to hear and see the information that is being passed on to you, from your Spirit Guides or loved ones on the other side. This type of reading and communication can be a very validating and powerful experience. Even if you are not aware of your Guides or who or what they are, a reading offers you validation, answers and peace of mind. There are no limits to the types of questions you may ask in a reading.

The information that comes through from Spirit is always for your highest good. Many times a reading will give you insight into the people in your life, advice on managing a difficult situation and a deeper understanding of what and why certain events are happeing in your life.