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How To Tell When A Dream Is So Much More - written by Lorna Adams

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I think we've all had what we call a "dream" and wake up and we can still feel that person in our dream, with us or on us or in our energy. That's because your dream really did happen, but not in this realm or on this Earth plane.

My guides have been pushing me to write about this subject for some time now. I think it's something we can all relate to - dreams and dreaming.

The Guides have always told me that the time we sleep is the closest we come to the death state. We are not conscious but of course our bodies are alive and well. This lack of consciousness allows our higher self (or our soul self) to travel freely about this world, visit the other side as well as other planes or levels of existence. I know it can sound crazy but I also know everyone has had the sort of dream I'm talking about. You visit with someone you used to work with, a close friend, or loved one who has passed. In my experience, these sorts of dreams have become opportunities. In one dream I met up with a guy I used to work with over 20 years ago. When we worked together it was not fun, we really didn't like each other and it was a battle for territory in many ways. In our defense, we were put together - or thrown together - by management and really had no choice, which really made things even more tense.

This so called dream takes place where he and I used to work, which is also a very common component of these types of dreams. They seem to take place in a spot that you and the other person know very well. I had not been thinking about him, I had not spoken with him or anyone from that period of time in my life in many, many years. I felt the dream was a wonderful opportunity to heal some very old and very sore wounds.

In the dream we talked, laughed and agreed that the past was over and we could now each move on with no bad feelings towards one another. We were both in a different state of mind. No more animosity or anger towards each other. It was as if he too had traveled back to that work place so we could clear the air and move on. Which is exactly what we did. I woke up relieved, surprised and very much at peace about that part of my life. If you had asked me, I would have told you that the meeting REALLY did take place! Even now, years after having that dream I can recall what it felt like, what office we were in, the mood between us and how we laughed about the past.

Some call this astral travel, which is the term used to describe the act of leaving our physical bodies while we sleep. So, how can you tell if you too have traveled in your sleep? Many times you will wake up even more tired than when you went to sleep. The person you met in your dream is still very much with you when you wake up. You feel as though he or she really was just there with you. You can still hear them, see them and feel them. You recall this sort of dream not as a random senseless dream but just as you would remember something that happened last week. When I have one of these dreams, they stay with me for a very, very long time, just like an event that has taken place in my life, like going to my niece's wedding last June. The memories are still very much alive.

I asked my Spirit Guides to explain these sorts of dream experiences and it really is simple. So many times in life we will not have the opportunity to meet those in our past. Our circumstances have changed, we have no idea where that person is or if they have left the physical body. When we sleep all barriers are removed - all restraints of time and space are no longer are in play. I've found these dreams to be wonderful opportunities to heal old wounds and much more. If there is someone you'd like to communicate with in a dream, visualize meeting them in a place that is familiar to both of you. Before you go to sleep ask your Guides for help in bringing the meeting about. Don't worry if it doesn't happen right away. Sometimes it takes awhile for synchronicity to fall into place.
Sweet dreams.