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The Spirit Guides on illness - written by Lorna Adams

Spirits on Illness.

I was recently sick with some kind of crazy, terrible flu that has been going around, according to my Doctor. I rarely get sick, and if I do I recover pretty quickly. This bug that I picked up really hit me like a ton of bricks! I couldn't do anything but lay in bed and be awful and miserable ... such a helpless feeling especially if you're used to feeling pretty good. My Guides thought this would be a good time to comment on this situation which is one that we can all relate to at one time or another.

Here's what they have to say:

"Some of you have said life can be cruel and this and that and the other thing and all of you are correct! For at one time or another, all of you have and will continue to go through the ups and downs of life. This can be especially challenging we see to those of you who fight and conquer the occasional illness. Illness in general hits you on so many levels - almost too many to mention, but of course we will anyway!

“Illness is a 'less than' sort of way of being in that you are not at your normal full power. This brings on many emotions to most if not all of you. This includes ego, doing for one’s self, having to ask for help, assistance and so on. Those examples right there can bring up much turmoil for some of you. The other part, is 'not doing' when one is not up to speed. It is not the NOT DOING so much as how this temporary down time of not be able to carry on with your normal life makes you feel ... less than perhaps? Do you always have to carry your own weight or will you allow yourself to be seen as you are? Weak and not quite up to your normal tasks. And in this case, do you feel as if you MUST do, carry out, accomplish, work and so on OR, can you just say I'm not up to it - I can't do it.

"For many of you, you are happy to relinquish control and have someone else wait on you, help you in these weak moments. You say, 'It's ok, I would be happy to do the same for them.' This can be a tough time for those of you who do not have someone to care for you. The other hurtful part can be having someone with you and they do not care enough to care for you - 'Ouch' you say and we agree. It is during these times when you are not up to your normal routine that we say to rely on others, allow them to do something good and kind for you. That way they can and will feel good about themselves too.

"This can be a rather fractured stretch of road - illness. Many times we forget when we are doing our daily chores when we come in contact with others - Do you ever think hmmm perhaps this grumpy person is not feeling well? Perhaps they got bad news or are having a challenging time in their life. It would do you good to keep these things in mind for life as you very well know, can be hard and rather unforgiving at times. Reach out, be kind, be gentle and remember that perhaps they are not feeling good in their body. Humans are funny beings. You are capable of such a wide range of emotions and feelings. What many people show on the 'outside' many times is only a fraction of what lies beneath.

"We hope this writing finds you feeling well in your body today. Blessings."