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Keeping Upright During Life's Storms - written by Lorna Adams

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In case you did not know, Mercury is in Retrograde.

On one hand I don't like to give it too much attention but astrology and the position of the planets does make a difference in our lives. Sometimes things just roll along while other times there can be confusion, delays, misunderstandings, mis-communications on and on. These things just tend to happen more often during Retrograde. By all means don't stop your life, but it's good to know.

Everywhere I look it seems that friends, family and clients are having some very difficult times with everything in their lives! Change seems to be everywhere, more so than usual. It's kind of nuts because I am hearing the same story from just about everyone, including myself. So of course I have asked my Guides, "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" As you may have guessed, I too would like things to calm down already!

Here is what my Spirit Guides have to say:

"On one hand we are glad that during these difficult times of change you look to us. That seems to be how it works a great deal of the time. We are all aware of these changes and shifts among you and the world you live in. We don't like to sound dramatic, but this is part of the roller coaster of change we have been hinting at for a very long time. As the ebb and flow on Earth goes, things will calm down a bit but you must know that larger changes are coming your way.

"There are many of you who are re-evaluating everything and in some cases, everyone in your life. This can not only change the landscape of your life, but this sort of cleansing and re-positioning and changing the course of your life, will bring you new opportunities, new people and even major reconstruction of one's life. This includes moving to an entirely different environment (State) to beginning anew when it comes to your work or schooling.

"This is an exciting time as well as anxiety producing. We suggest a few things: Try to stay in the moment, do not get too far ahead of yourself, do not worry about things that most likely will not happen and first and foremost, take care of yourself. By this we mean physically and mentally. Do not let those around you steal your energy and of course give the body what it needs. Good fuel (food) and plenty of rest for mind and body. No one can do these things for you, they must come from you. Stop putting everyone and everything AHEAD of you. You are doing no one any favors by depleting you and your own resources.

"We wish only the best for you and much love, as always.