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Message From Spirit

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When I was creating this website to represent the work I do with my Spirit Guides, they wanted to say hello themselves! So here it is;

"This website, this information that is being passed on, is here to help you find your way in this world. To help you remember why it is you came to this earth and the work you would like to address or even complete. Lorna Adams is the messenger of our voices as she is loud and strong herself! We say that with a twinkle in our eye and a knowing in our heart of hearts. It is not easy to navigate that world when you have forgotten from where you came. It is often the case when connecting with those that have left you, or passed on that you can see the bridge from that world to this one. It is the world from which we all emanate and the one which you will return to. Keep in mind as you travel throughout this life, there is help along the way. We, your spirit guides are with you always.

"You may feel alone but we are here to remind loud and clear if we must - you are not alone we are with you and always will be. Connecting with this side is easy for this one here (Lorna Adams). It is her explicit wish, hope and desire to help, to serve, to connect ultimately with us here; thereby, giving you the opportunity to rest, have peace of mind, and focus on the life you have left to live and so on. Is this real you ask? Yes it is, just as real as you are. We welcome you to this spot and hope you find the information, and/or peace of mind you are looking for. We wish the best for you and invite you to explore this website to find any tidbit of information that can assist you in your own special journey.
"We wish you well."