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Prepare For Your Reading

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The energy you bring to your reading is very important, since negativity acts as a barrier to Spirit and the other side. Being a little skeptical is normal, but if you approach your reading with a lot of skepticism and your 'walls' are up I can almost promise you, you'll be disappointed. I don't want that for you and I'm sure you don't either.

We are all made up of energy and in order to receive the clearest information possible from your Spirit Guides or those that have passed on, it's important to be prepared by arriving with a relaxed and open mind. Keeping a good positive attitude and an open mind during a reading allows even more valuable insights to be passed along which may be of enormous help to you in making decisions and/or finding solutions to various issues. On the other hand if your mind is preoccupied by expectations, preconceived notions, or any resistance to what you hear, it really does put a giant road block on the energy. A good reading takes three of us - you, your open mind and my ability to hear your Spirit Guides and/or those that have passed.

After your reading it's a good idea to let it sort of sink in, give it a few days. If you had the session recorded, listen to it and you'll most likely hear things you didn't notice while the reading was taking place. There is so much information passed on it really is best to go over it in the following weeks. Even more interesting is what you'll hear a few months later.