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Questions Answered by Spirits

Questions asked by clients and answered by Spirit Guides

Here are a few samples of questions asked during past readings, for privacy purposes, I have changed the clients' names.

Carol asks her guides about going into real estate law, she is very drawn to this area.

From her Guides:
Excellent! If she can keep focused and keep the rest of her world at bay, she could very well succeed and do VERY well in this area! This area of the Law also suits her personality. It is very by the book and a great area that is always growing too. She could very easily have her own tidy little practice in her town with a few other attorneys like herself. This area - the real estate law - will SERVE HER and her needs and yes, help to make ends meet. There is another one like her, a woman, a professional that she may want to team up with in the future. She too will have a law background and you two could be great friends too - so keep that in the back of your mind for future reference.

Jennifer asks about the man she is currently dating.

From her Guides:
If it is marriage she wants, the prize, so to speak, the question is - is he marriage material? Well he will be a good caretaker for her and a good solid foundation for her. He does love her and her young-ness - he is the opposite of what her ex-husband did not or could not give her. Tell her too that she is so easy going in her manner and style that being married would not be so different - they will both leave one another alone for their alone time or as you would say, give one another space.

Susan asks, do you see me dying at an early age like 30s or 40s, or will I live to 80s or 90s?

From her Guides:
She may feel as though there will be a death but what you are feeling dear one is really a total change in life itself. You may find yourself going back to school at a later age, re-marrying, and starting life again - truly being reborn into a new life a new future and a new past if you will! Do not become preoccupied as you have been with this question of death, early or otherwise please - focus ON THE NOW please! You have so much to be thankful for!! I know there are some days it does not feel that way - that seems to be the human condition my friend - do not let that get you down! Remain thankful for life is precious - ALL life while you're living it, so please do so to the fullest of yours and your daughter's potential!

Debra ask her Guides about her health issues, the doctor is suggesting a hysterectomy, she'd like to wait - what do you suggest?

From her Guides:
She should, at our suggestion, perhaps get a second, even a third opinion - she is lying down a bit perhaps intimidated by the doctors. Please speak up on your own behalf!! BUT we would not wait - I would suggest she spend this time getting more information to make this decision ... this tumor or the suggestion of it seems to us to be half baked, she needs a better doctor, a specialist in this field. A different way to look at it. Be your own advocate - be your own warrior - and get more information. Take charge of this situation, take a friend along with you if you can.

Lilly had a bad break up - betrayed by the man she was seeing. Why did this happen, and what was she supposed to learn from this?

From her Guides:
This was an old relationship that she had to clear out this time around. I know that sounds rather trite at this time but that is the core of this issue. It is and was also meant to be quite an eye opener for her. I will say she was a bit swept off her feet and this is not the first time, this also in a way is past life relationship re-visited. So if she thinks back, there will be OTHER times she can recall that she did not ask enough questions, thereby getting to the bottom of things SOONER before her heart gets squashed.

Julie asks her Guides for direction, she's wondering what her true passion is in this life?

From her Guides:
Well, she has been torn into many different pieces and many different directions this one here today. She may feel like she is being disloyal to those around her (family) - if she REALLY looks into her own heart and says when is it my time? She has an artist’s soul this one but is so used to putting herself at the back of the line - it is a bit hard for this other part of her to come forward! Tell her she must allow it - her passion, herself, her higher self, to come forward it is o.k. - it is not as scary as you may think.