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Are you listening to that small quiet voice? - written by Lorna Adams


I have to tell you about the most amazing thing that happened to me the other day.

As some of you know we lost our little Chihuahua rescue a few weeks ago which was heart breaking. Isn't it funny that somewhere on the inside of us we KNOW that our loved ones and our pets will be okay, but it's still such a loss.

We adopted Tinker about 5 years ago and she was already a senior. I figured well, even if she lives a year it will be a great year sitting on the couch, taking naps on the lawn etc.

I didn't know that most of the rescue dogs came with a name. So when I saw her I thought of the name Penny - yes we'll call her Penny! I have no idea where that name came from but I just knew that it fit her. Well, when we received her paperwork we found out differently - she already had a name.

Lorna Harris is the Director of Safe Haven Animal Shelter here in Las Cruces, the first ever no-kill shelter of its kind here. After Tinker passed, my guides were driving me nuts to call Lorna Harris (who I have know for many years) to tell her that Tinker had passed. She had met Tinker a few times when we had her. So I have learned to listen when my Guides speak. I called Lorna and left her the message that Tinker had passed. She called me back and very quickly the whole picture came together.

Lorna told me that before we adopted her, our Tinker lived with another Chihuahua at the shelter, and her name was ... get ready ... PENNY!!!! What?! And it gets stranger. Little Penny passed on just about the time Tinker set her sights on the big dog park in the sky. So, as usual, it all came full circle. I think they each knew it was time to leave and why not go together - or at least meet up along the way.

I am blessed to hear amazing things from Spirit all the time but this was so baffling and a good reminder for ME that I am hearing Spirit correctly! It's our nature to question and that's just fine.

Here's a few words from my Spirit Guides on the topic of listening.


There are many times that we know of that you hear but do not take action, don't worry we're not trying to make you feel bad, but rather to remind you that we are here to help and assist. That is our agreement and that is what helps us with our purpose - helping YOU. Call on us for big and little things - please don't wait for the big disasters. Call on us, hear us whisper to you. No, its not all in your head. No you are not making it up. We tend to be subtle, that is our nature.

So, as Lorna says, when you hear the same thing from one, two or four people please do yourself a service and consider what you are hearing repeatedly. There is a reason for it. It is not a coincidence but rather synchronicity.

This is another way we speak to you, through others around you. For instance, if four people have mentioned Hawaii to you in the last few weeks, question this. Ask, what is it about Hawaii? Is it time for a move? A life changing experience? Perhaps so.

We are here for you always, from beginning to end.

We wish the best and Blessings to all.