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The Book

They Are With Us: Advice From Spirit On Changing Your Life (available for Kindle on

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This little book is one of those that you can pick up anytime and it seems to offer something interesting - not sure how that works, but it does. The book was written by myself and my Guides, it's meant to be sort of a 'how to' book for a few areas of life.

How The Book Came To Be
It's a funny thing how hard headed we can all be at times, and that includes myself as well. Call it the human condition. My Spirit Guides, as well as fellow intuitives have been telling me for about 15 years that I would be writing a book. At the time I thought "Well, gee that's nice, what in the world should I write about?" At the time I was climbing the ladder in a totally different career, although I have always had this ability, but not many people knew about it except my family.

Fast forward to March of 2010 when I was clearly told that I would soon be writing not just one book, but seven! Spirit passed on this information adding that they (a group of guides) were gathering to write this book or channel it through me and that I should get ready. I was also told it would be in June of 2010. Well, that was a few months away so I waited. I usually write and communicate via Automatic Writing with my guides a few times a week at least. As the weeks went by I would check in with my Spirit Guides and ask - are you ready to write yet? I have learned after speaking with my guides for so many years that they will be ready when they are ready - period. I was doing the dishes one morning in June and they spoke up to say now is the time. I had no idea what the book would be about or consist of until I began to write. In their usual humorous way, they gave me the last chapter first! No one loves a good laugh more than me, and I have always found my guides to have a wonderful sense of humor.

The last chapter of the book consists of 53 one or two line sayings or suggestions on how to live your life. At the time I wrote these 53 sayings I had no idea what to do with them so I just waited for more material to be passed on. It was only as I was nearing the end of writing the book that I realized what they had done - giving me the last chapter first. They love to be a bit tricky and I enjoyed this somewhat backwards information. All I can say is it's so "them!"
It took me about two weeks to write the book. Sometimes the information or chapters came fast and furious and at other times there would be a day or two before I would channel more material. I was reluctant at first to talk about the book being channeled. I didn't want to give anyone the wrong impression as to what channeling is. In my case, my voice does not change, no one "takes over" my body and my head does not spin or swivel (sorry couldn't resist). I am clairaudient which means I can hear spirit and those that have passed on very clearly. We have all heard musicians say, "Oh I just woke up in the middle of the night and wrote this song in about five minutes." I have even heard some very famous writers talk about their work, admitting they have no idea where the story idea came from or where the story was going at the time of the writing. That my friends, is channeling. So, I decided to call it what it really is with the hopes that the channeling part won't put some people off.

My hope is that you enjoy the book, pass it on to someone who can benefit by reading it, but most of all I hope you get something out of They Are With Us that will help you move forward in an area of your life that needs a bit of a push ... as we all do at times.

The Spirit Guides' Take On The Book
"It is with great reverence that we stand along side this writer of writers, Lorna Adams as you call her. This effort that we have put forth via her is a kind of stand alone tale. That is, the book itself allows the reader to be guided if he or she will allow it. We do comprehend that these times you are now living in are sometimes chaotic, overwhelming and sometimes confusing as well. We mean for this book to be an entrance of sorts to a quieter time for your minds. That is, a time to quell the mindless chatter of that world. The incessant moving and going.

This book we have passed on with her help is to offer but a mere glimpse into what can be for your life. Not happy? Feel lost? Passed by? This book also speaks to these claims or these emotions you have perhaps made your own. Emotions or having emotions is much like flying a flag of a different color - in this case the color of the emotion or flag is gloom and doom. That is NOT what this book of assistance is about. There is no blame that we lay on you or anyone else. This book is to be read with an open mind not a fearful soul. This book is intended to uplift - to allow and to free you and your soul from a path that perhaps does not fit you any longer.

"Change is a constant on that planet and if you are feeling left behind, perhaps you have not changed or have refused to do so. That sort of 'feet in the cement' outlook will only prolong your questioning, your angst and anxiety. We are here to show you a different path. With this book we intend to also inspire you and yours and those that you surround yourself with in that life. Our hope is big and wide that we can open a window and show you how a life can be lived. We offer a different view, a different way of seeing your life - everyone's life for that matter. You can and will benefit from it. Some parts of the book you may not agree with. To that we say, put it down and just allow the words to sink in - do they resonate with a certain part of you? A part of you and your dreams? Perhaps - either way just give it time, give these words a chance. The risk is minimal and the gain great. We wish the best in all that you do and how you choose to live this life you yourself have planned and been blessed with."