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Don’t throw away an opportunity in our "throw away world" - written by Lorna Adams

Don’t throw away opportunity

I’ve written before about the collective consciousness or the collective mindset – that is when it seems that a large group of people seem to be on the same page as far as a certain subjects go. I recently took notice of this and am wondering if you have seen the same thing in your life.

About a year ago my husband and I adopted a very old Chihuahua. Her name is Tinker and she has to be at least 13. She still has a few good teeth – okay only 3 teeth that we can see, and she is something else. We’ve never had a small dog before and have learned since then that Chihuahua’s are indeed a breed unto themselves!

I first saw she was up for adoption in our local paper. Here in Las Cruces, NM we are blessed to have a no kill animal shelter as well as a great thrift store that funds the shelter. I had volunteered at the thrift store for a few years and found out about all the great work the animal sanctuary does as well as the store.

It was a few weeks later when we dropped by the thrift store to see what bargains’ we could find when I saw the senior dog again. A few of the volunteers from the animal sanctuary were holding an adoption and had brought a few dogs and cats from the sanctuary. One of them was you know who. I couldn’t believe that no one had snapped her up and given her a home after appearing in our local newspaper, and her picture was above the fold! Well of course I had to pick her up and have a talk with her. She was about as easy going as they come.

I ran the idea of taking her home by my husband Mike – he was not for it at all which is rather unusual for him. He loves animals and is the kindest most considerate man I have ever met. For some reason I could not get that little dog out of my mind. I told just about everyone I knew about her. She just kept coming up in the conversation somehow. Mike was still not budging and I gave the subject my best arguments. But she’s old, she needs love in her final year or two of life, how much can she eat?? On and on I went. Now I know you knew this was coming ... a week or so later Mike called me in the afternoon and said he was coming home with something I would like. I had no idea what it could be at that point. By the way, this story is just part of why I love him so much. My husband Mike had called Charles, the manager of the animal sanctuary and arranged to pick up little Tinker. We had gotten to know Charles while I had worked at the thrift store and he had also helped us find homes for a few homeless dogs we happened upon.

So what is the point you’re asking? Well, I was recently in California visiting my sister and the rest of the family and found out that my oldest niece Rachel had just adopted a Pomeranian who was about to be put down. This little dog’s owner had passed away and the family gave the dog to the shelter. Same situation as ours, in that no one wanted to adopt an old dog. I can understand it on one hand because I too have lost dogs and it is a heart wrenching experience. Then I think of how much love and joy they give. Rachel’s little pom, whose name is Bear has congestive heart failure. But my niece, who is an educated animal lover, realized that the medications Bear was being given were not working. So back to the vet she went where she was given other medications to help Bear stop coughing all the time – that is the correct medications he should have had. He may be old and missing a few teeth but he ran around like a puppy, enjoying every minute!

Later that night an old friend of my sister's dropped by to say hello and much to my surprise she too had adopted a senior dog! She’s a long haired Chihuahua with a few eye issues. Our friend Brenda had been fostering this dog and when someone came along to inquire about her, she realized she could not give her up.

So my question was, "What’s up with this?!" Not that I’m complaining of course. I think giving a home to a senior dog, a dog you know does not have much time left, is pretty close to miraculous in my book. Older dogs are so under appreciated. But just think of what you’re offering one of God’s creatures in their last days. It’s bad enough to live in such a throwaway society but just have a look around and you’ll see we do it to people too.

My hope is that someone will care for me like we have cared for our old dogs. Even though as I age, I may lose a few teeth and I don’t see as well as I used to.